Tuesday, 18 May 2010

1st day of work

OMG !!! wow i totally undersatnd the stress of work :)

this woman came up 2 me today on my first day and started ranting about how we say on our website that we own everything, and how we didnt hav ethis stuff she wanted, i said well im sorry about that. she said well theres no good you being sorry i was thinking to myself well what do you want me to say do you want m etell you everything is going to be ok and heres a lollipop to make up for it :/

so anyway the woman went away and now i totally undersatnd how "the girl who loves to whines" fustation after reading her blog yesterday it was quite funny ! the woman said to me i dont know where to find this thing i said what is it? well its kind of like jelly but its not jelly i dont think you people call it jelly i thought what do you mean you people ??? so i thought about this girls blog oh i was laughing to myself :) she was like wll think i wanted to say to her hold on yep its coming to me yep hold on erm .... i dont know im not a fricking mind reader !!! so in the end i worked out her accent and she was american so i said to her i think you mean jam oh yh thats it!!!

so i know feel for the workers of the world !!! wished i nevr got a fricking job !!!

so like i have been really missing my boyfriend as he went away for the football and now he's back and i am going to go spend time with him i'm thinking a vodka and coke down the pub :) xxx lool :) see ya people

hows your week been ? my week hasn't been that bad except for the exam today :)

becky xxx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

the old can actually learn from the young even if the young are reluctant to teach

ok so i haven't posted anything in ages because well for a number of reasons, like i have actually done some study, i have actually been out and had a social life and yes yet more family gatherings (which weren't so bad).

so i am sitting here doing nothing really interesting, mum on the computer, dad on the old old old laptop (much to my disgust) and me on my laptop. so a couple of hours ago my father asked me to teach him how to use a laptop i laughed until he told me he was serious :/ he wanted to look up how to fix a rear loose wheel on my BMW 1100 i just wanted to send to the garage but no the alpha male instincts kicked in! so i sat him down on the sofa with the old lap top and said turn it on he said how ? i mean who doesn't know how to turn on a lap top i mean its not rocket science it's the big fat white button with the on sign on it !

so anyway i got him set up and he is now looking at what he wants but he keeps moaning about scrolling down and the difference between double clicking to open programs on single clicking to change pages etc..."f****** computers so f****** complicated, why can't they just be simple blah blah blah" mum walks in "everything ok love?" dad "oh grand just grand" oh well what do i expect he is a man !

he's NOW boasting how he has sent emails and done this and that ! well done dad you have overcome the first step in the 21st century me and my cousins are going to get him on the x-box later god help us !

so i was going to write something intelligent about technology but my brain is hurting i have just gone over so studies about situation ethics and moral argument papers on abortion...i think I'm giving up for the day got my first exam on Tuesday and then my second on Friday :/ worried much ??? NO WHO ME NAHHHHHHH !!!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

the weekend

had such good weekend :) lool :)

did nothing but lay in bed all day with my boyfriend :) listening to music and relaxing went out for dinner on saturday and today i have done nothing:)

i love weekends like this :) doing nothing i wish some days i could curl up in a ball and let the world and time go by :)

painted my nails red because my mother will tell me that i am a slut and my father will tell me that i am a disgrace and my boyfriend will find it intresting but i did it to get a reaction because unless i do something that is un-sterotypical then its like i dont exsist its like im invisible everyone passes me by with out realising im there some times i need reminding that i am human and there is a reason to my life even if it is just getting abuse from my family :)

only a short blog today as my brat of a sister wants to go on the computer :/ really wants to scream and shout so going to the ipod up really loud and drown the voice out )im going to end up deaf )


(just realised that ther is a spell check button intresting (:x )

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Didn’t update by blog yesterday :( I’m so tired think I will go to bed early tonight :) I am so cold I cant even type properly :( thinking about my photography exam :) having very interesting ideas popping into my head :) so its the election today and I cant wait to find out who has won really quite excited thinking of taking politics next year :)

Having a very interesting conversation with my friend about the global economical crisis beginning to get headache from the computer screen and I thought so much today it actually hurts :)

Had to do an essay yesterday about the relationship and ideas that are presented in different newspapers and how they differ and contrast :/ was so boring it was unbelievable :(

So today hasn’t been that bad I spose we had a mock election at our school and I brought nice green pair of doc martins :) yummy :)

Had a blood test today (I hate needles) as I have a problem with my hip they think its genetic so my mum had one to not that she gives a shit I had a fluid taken from my spinal chord and from my hip I am achieving all over :( but its ok I have my boyfriend with me know and feeling so much better :) lol :)

My dog nearly got me run over today and he is usually a very well behaved dog most of the time :) lool :) x he wanted to go and pee on a lamppost :) lools :)

So tonight I am planning on going to bed early as um is out at my auntie’s the boyfriend is staying over as it takes him 2 train journeys to get home so it saves him a journey and keeps me warm as it is so cold here at the moment x

I'm thinking of deleting my face book but cant bear to push the button really need to get my head in the books as I have my first exam in 11 days :( so failing my exams :( I hate exams at the best of times :(

There is nothing on telly so im updating my blog and fb status then i’m gonna make a hot chocolate and go to bed :) listen to some music and relax :)

Going away for a couple of days don’t know when I will be able to update next :( I know you are all dying to hear about my fantastic weekend going on a spa weekend as my mate is getting married (its for her hen party) going out on Sunday night with the boyfriend so should have a nice hangover for school on Monday :) GREAT :) can sleep in double physics :) got a job photographing some events so that should keep the cash flowing for the summer :)

Nite bloggers :) have a good weekend :) xxx

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

yesterday was quite a bad day so today i was determined to make the most of it today ... that was until i found that my bus pass was in my bag that i had lent to my mum and because i had such a great time yesteerda (not) i had not ironed my t-shirt plus i had to walk to school so i was running behind as it takes an extra 30 mins to walk to school plus the 15 minute bus journey that would probablly take me forever :(

so i rang my boyfriend and made him walk with me ( i go to an all girls school but there is an college linked to my school which is of mixed sex which my boyfriend goes to ) as he had a lesson during lesson 2 as he is a year older then me and its against school policy for 6th formers (which is college pupils) to go out with the school pupils, he ran ahead so we could walk in sepretly which i did not feel like doing :(

then i realised i had no credit on my phone and had to survive with out facebook mobile or texts through out the day ( i nearly died )

but i continued to think positive until bitch face (the most hated teacher in the school who keeps trying to make me go to anger managemenet and to see a shrink and personally i think im very normal ) walked into me at lunch and spilt her baked beans on me and my shlurp wich is like a milkshake thing this i retaliated to as she probablly did it on purpose because she is like that :( this started of a massive food fight which i got the blame for by ms puff ( my head teacher )

so my positive day was not quite positive but i am still here and thinking my revenge plan :) any suggestions would be useful :)

so anyway i have done my studying for the evening and am going to look at my photography project and do some of that and hopefully soon you will be able to see the final project i might put up a weekly photo so you can see how it is going :)

i am very tired and i have no idea why :) i think i might cook home made fish cakes tonight :) i do love cooking :) might make some home made brownies for supper watcha think ???

so i wil proabblly blabba on a little later about something or other because i will have nothing else to do as tuesday nights my mum goes out and i have the whole house to myself :)

see ya for now

becky xxx

Monday, 3 May 2010

family gathering was a disaster :(

what a day :(

my family gathering was going really well until the "men" of the households wanted to get the BBQ going jesus what is with men and having to do the BBQ so in the end i had enough of the toddler like squabbles and took over so instead of scoffing my face with rather juicy spare ribs and lovely chicken i ended up with a glass of pink fizz and watery eyes form the BBQ which distracted me form the main events this evening which were mainly the young hormonal adults who ended up fighting over my bestie who in the ended told them to fuck off and she never swears quite funny actually :)

my family is complicated that it is not even worth mentioning :) lool :) but basically my neice's garandmother who i am not realted to thank god is such a control freak i was actually going to stab her in the eye with my skewer we call her side of the family the rasin club which is a story i wont go into no :) but thankfully my much loved friend was there to stop me from being sent to jail :)

so tomorrow i have school and am not looking forward to it but it means im not with my family and surrounded by people who make me laugh and cry at the same time :) lool :)

i am currently thinking about whether i should do some revision or faceook or do some exploring hmmmmm ??? i cba to do revison so it looks like that narrowed it down :) lool :)

my neice and nephew today told me that they want to be like me when they are older .... i know what your thinking how sweet but what they said after that is the funny thing they told me that they wanted to be like their aunty because im ginger ... hmm we wil have to barin wash that out of them :)

well i am so tired and exhuasted im going to snuggle down with the boyfriend who is telling me to stop writing about him but he is part of my life and part of my life and i love him and as this is prodominitly about my life i think that he should be init ...(know i have really emabarresed him <3 x)

my aunty is over from america and i have not seen her since i was 5 and she is the only remotly saine one in the family, its only coz she doesnt live within 2 miles of the rest of us :) lool she is extremely proud to be in my blog to :)

but seriously i dont know where i would be with out my family apart form not being here :) i would probablly be a lot better of :)

i seriously neeed to get a job hmmmmmm nah maybe not pounce of mum and dad a bit more first :)

this post is all a bit jumbled his has no order a bit like me in that case :)

nite nite and have a good day tomorrow all my fellow bloggers :) xxx

p.s tell me to shut up if im boring you as im extremly new at this :) lool :)

family get-togethers and me do NOT mix ...

ok so im realy confused now ??? i have somehow maaged to follow my self??? if soemone would like to tell me how to unfollow myself i would be very greatful :) x

so today should be an extremely odd day im going to a family get together which should not be fun as evryone will get drunk and we will all leave with black eye's i spose my bestie is coming for moral support and to restrain me from killing people if need be :)

it should be a very inventful day and later or tomoorow there will be a very angry post about how shit my life is no doubt so if you do not wish to hear me wollow in self pitty i suggest you unfollow me now :)

i was very suprised to find that i had 5 followers (not including myself) and that people were actually intrested in what i was writing :) which i was very happy about and woke my boyfriend to tell him who told me to shut up and go back to bed but i was so excited (because im a freak) i made chocolate muffins, and cupcakes :) i love to bake :)

i am now going to stop typing go and my hair and nails, which will prevent me form typing which im sure you are all very gald to hear :) lool :) have a nice day and im sure you are all waiting to hear about my wonderful adventures later on :) NOT :)