Monday, 3 May 2010

family get-togethers and me do NOT mix ...

ok so im realy confused now ??? i have somehow maaged to follow my self??? if soemone would like to tell me how to unfollow myself i would be very greatful :) x

so today should be an extremely odd day im going to a family get together which should not be fun as evryone will get drunk and we will all leave with black eye's i spose my bestie is coming for moral support and to restrain me from killing people if need be :)

it should be a very inventful day and later or tomoorow there will be a very angry post about how shit my life is no doubt so if you do not wish to hear me wollow in self pitty i suggest you unfollow me now :)

i was very suprised to find that i had 5 followers (not including myself) and that people were actually intrested in what i was writing :) which i was very happy about and woke my boyfriend to tell him who told me to shut up and go back to bed but i was so excited (because im a freak) i made chocolate muffins, and cupcakes :) i love to bake :)

i am now going to stop typing go and my hair and nails, which will prevent me form typing which im sure you are all very gald to hear :) lool :) have a nice day and im sure you are all waiting to hear about my wonderful adventures later on :) NOT :)



  1. I think if you go to dashboard and look at blogs I'm following you should be able to stop following your own blog. But I'm not 100% sure on that. Congrats on your 5 followers! Good luck at your family gathering today!

  2. hmm icant seem to do that ??? oh well :)

  3. Ok I took another look. If you go to dashboard, where it lists your basic profile and scroll down to "blogs I'm following" there should be a little button at the bottom that says "Add" and another that says "Manage". If you click on manage it should bring up the list of blogs your following. Then click on the "settings" one next to your blog. There should be a link that says "Stop following". If you click on that you should be able to stop following your own.

  4. wow your amazing :) thanks :)