Thursday, 6 May 2010

Didn’t update by blog yesterday :( I’m so tired think I will go to bed early tonight :) I am so cold I cant even type properly :( thinking about my photography exam :) having very interesting ideas popping into my head :) so its the election today and I cant wait to find out who has won really quite excited thinking of taking politics next year :)

Having a very interesting conversation with my friend about the global economical crisis beginning to get headache from the computer screen and I thought so much today it actually hurts :)

Had to do an essay yesterday about the relationship and ideas that are presented in different newspapers and how they differ and contrast :/ was so boring it was unbelievable :(

So today hasn’t been that bad I spose we had a mock election at our school and I brought nice green pair of doc martins :) yummy :)

Had a blood test today (I hate needles) as I have a problem with my hip they think its genetic so my mum had one to not that she gives a shit I had a fluid taken from my spinal chord and from my hip I am achieving all over :( but its ok I have my boyfriend with me know and feeling so much better :) lol :)

My dog nearly got me run over today and he is usually a very well behaved dog most of the time :) lool :) x he wanted to go and pee on a lamppost :) lools :)

So tonight I am planning on going to bed early as um is out at my auntie’s the boyfriend is staying over as it takes him 2 train journeys to get home so it saves him a journey and keeps me warm as it is so cold here at the moment x

I'm thinking of deleting my face book but cant bear to push the button really need to get my head in the books as I have my first exam in 11 days :( so failing my exams :( I hate exams at the best of times :(

There is nothing on telly so im updating my blog and fb status then i’m gonna make a hot chocolate and go to bed :) listen to some music and relax :)

Going away for a couple of days don’t know when I will be able to update next :( I know you are all dying to hear about my fantastic weekend going on a spa weekend as my mate is getting married (its for her hen party) going out on Sunday night with the boyfriend so should have a nice hangover for school on Monday :) GREAT :) can sleep in double physics :) got a job photographing some events so that should keep the cash flowing for the summer :)

Nite bloggers :) have a good weekend :) xxx

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