Sunday, 9 May 2010

the weekend

had such good weekend :) lool :)

did nothing but lay in bed all day with my boyfriend :) listening to music and relaxing went out for dinner on saturday and today i have done nothing:)

i love weekends like this :) doing nothing i wish some days i could curl up in a ball and let the world and time go by :)

painted my nails red because my mother will tell me that i am a slut and my father will tell me that i am a disgrace and my boyfriend will find it intresting but i did it to get a reaction because unless i do something that is un-sterotypical then its like i dont exsist its like im invisible everyone passes me by with out realising im there some times i need reminding that i am human and there is a reason to my life even if it is just getting abuse from my family :)

only a short blog today as my brat of a sister wants to go on the computer :/ really wants to scream and shout so going to the ipod up really loud and drown the voice out )im going to end up deaf )


(just realised that ther is a spell check button intresting (:x )

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