Tuesday, 4 May 2010

yesterday was quite a bad day so today i was determined to make the most of it today ... that was until i found that my bus pass was in my bag that i had lent to my mum and because i had such a great time yesteerda (not) i had not ironed my t-shirt plus i had to walk to school so i was running behind as it takes an extra 30 mins to walk to school plus the 15 minute bus journey that would probablly take me forever :(

so i rang my boyfriend and made him walk with me ( i go to an all girls school but there is an college linked to my school which is of mixed sex which my boyfriend goes to ) as he had a lesson during lesson 2 as he is a year older then me and its against school policy for 6th formers (which is college pupils) to go out with the school pupils, he ran ahead so we could walk in sepretly which i did not feel like doing :(

then i realised i had no credit on my phone and had to survive with out facebook mobile or texts through out the day ( i nearly died )

but i continued to think positive until bitch face (the most hated teacher in the school who keeps trying to make me go to anger managemenet and to see a shrink and personally i think im very normal ) walked into me at lunch and spilt her baked beans on me and my shlurp wich is like a milkshake thing this i retaliated to as she probablly did it on purpose because she is like that :( this started of a massive food fight which i got the blame for by ms puff ( my head teacher )

so my positive day was not quite positive but i am still here and thinking my revenge plan :) any suggestions would be useful :)

so anyway i have done my studying for the evening and am going to look at my photography project and do some of that and hopefully soon you will be able to see the final project i might put up a weekly photo so you can see how it is going :)

i am very tired and i have no idea why :) i think i might cook home made fish cakes tonight :) i do love cooking :) might make some home made brownies for supper watcha think ???

so i wil proabblly blabba on a little later about something or other because i will have nothing else to do as tuesday nights my mum goes out and i have the whole house to myself :)

see ya for now

becky xxx


  1. Boy, nothing can happen just one thing at a time , can it? Your day just started out troublesome and kept on going.
    You can mail some brownies to Texas. I am sure they would be wonderful. My husband is diabetic, so we never have sweets here. I miss them so much !!!! I am not diabetic, I am allowed to have them, but....I am a good person, so I keep it out of the house to make his life easier.

  2. Sorry to hear about your bad day = (. There may be something good to come of it though, my Universal Law of Karma states that for every bad thing that happens to you something equally good or better will happen in return. The bad news is that it works the other way too so if that good thing already happened then at least it will be over soon. Lol

  3. lool thanks the girl who loves to whine :/ lool :) and areeland that might be difficult to post and they might be squashed by the time they get there :) hahahah :) x