Monday, 3 May 2010

family gathering was a disaster :(

what a day :(

my family gathering was going really well until the "men" of the households wanted to get the BBQ going jesus what is with men and having to do the BBQ so in the end i had enough of the toddler like squabbles and took over so instead of scoffing my face with rather juicy spare ribs and lovely chicken i ended up with a glass of pink fizz and watery eyes form the BBQ which distracted me form the main events this evening which were mainly the young hormonal adults who ended up fighting over my bestie who in the ended told them to fuck off and she never swears quite funny actually :)

my family is complicated that it is not even worth mentioning :) lool :) but basically my neice's garandmother who i am not realted to thank god is such a control freak i was actually going to stab her in the eye with my skewer we call her side of the family the rasin club which is a story i wont go into no :) but thankfully my much loved friend was there to stop me from being sent to jail :)

so tomorrow i have school and am not looking forward to it but it means im not with my family and surrounded by people who make me laugh and cry at the same time :) lool :)

i am currently thinking about whether i should do some revision or faceook or do some exploring hmmmmm ??? i cba to do revison so it looks like that narrowed it down :) lool :)

my neice and nephew today told me that they want to be like me when they are older .... i know what your thinking how sweet but what they said after that is the funny thing they told me that they wanted to be like their aunty because im ginger ... hmm we wil have to barin wash that out of them :)

well i am so tired and exhuasted im going to snuggle down with the boyfriend who is telling me to stop writing about him but he is part of my life and part of my life and i love him and as this is prodominitly about my life i think that he should be init ...(know i have really emabarresed him <3 x)

my aunty is over from america and i have not seen her since i was 5 and she is the only remotly saine one in the family, its only coz she doesnt live within 2 miles of the rest of us :) lool she is extremely proud to be in my blog to :)

but seriously i dont know where i would be with out my family apart form not being here :) i would probablly be a lot better of :)

i seriously neeed to get a job hmmmmmm nah maybe not pounce of mum and dad a bit more first :)

this post is all a bit jumbled his has no order a bit like me in that case :)

nite nite and have a good day tomorrow all my fellow bloggers :) xxx

p.s tell me to shut up if im boring you as im extremly new at this :) lool :)


  1. Sorry the family gathering didn't work out. =( And tell your boyfriend he should be proud to get a spot in your blog lol.

  2. :( sorry the family gathering didn't go very well.

    just lovely.

  3. I understand your frustrations, I hated family gatherings. They always ended up being a mess, and yet, someone always says at the end how wonderful it was to get everyone together again.....All I can say to that is...Really ?

  4. argh so annoying and the boyfriend loves it really :)

    lool oh well totally over it ... sort of x