Sunday, 2 May 2010

so like i have got used to talking to myself :)

my day has been quite unusual after saying that i wasn't going to do anything today i have studied, made a blog, updated my facebook status.

i am being killed slowly i am having to listen to my parents scream at eachother again :( they are shouting over the radio not just the radio but radio 4 which is what they use to make babies cry...and ray mears who needs to be shot, most annoying man on earth apart form my father.

my bestie like to take the piss out of my disfunctional family :) she is always telling me how my family is like eastenders :) so stupid and totally fucked up that it just hints realtity...i like to think that i was adopted at birth, seriously a day in my life is what it must be like in hell although its quite good having parents that are so consumed in there own little bubble they dont seem to give a shit about me or anything i do.

i am judging my realationship with facebook that my blog will be my new facebook :0 its so much easier to expres myself without caring who i might piss off and who is lookinbg through my blog. its nice to just type away and away and away...


  1. you're not the only with with a dysfunctional family.

    i know too well how you're feeling.

  2. lol i know lool its good to be able to moan about it though :)

    thanks for the reassurance

    and btw i can not spell to save my life :) x