Sunday, 16 May 2010

the old can actually learn from the young even if the young are reluctant to teach

ok so i haven't posted anything in ages because well for a number of reasons, like i have actually done some study, i have actually been out and had a social life and yes yet more family gatherings (which weren't so bad).

so i am sitting here doing nothing really interesting, mum on the computer, dad on the old old old laptop (much to my disgust) and me on my laptop. so a couple of hours ago my father asked me to teach him how to use a laptop i laughed until he told me he was serious :/ he wanted to look up how to fix a rear loose wheel on my BMW 1100 i just wanted to send to the garage but no the alpha male instincts kicked in! so i sat him down on the sofa with the old lap top and said turn it on he said how ? i mean who doesn't know how to turn on a lap top i mean its not rocket science it's the big fat white button with the on sign on it !

so anyway i got him set up and he is now looking at what he wants but he keeps moaning about scrolling down and the difference between double clicking to open programs on single clicking to change pages etc..."f****** computers so f****** complicated, why can't they just be simple blah blah blah" mum walks in "everything ok love?" dad "oh grand just grand" oh well what do i expect he is a man !

he's NOW boasting how he has sent emails and done this and that ! well done dad you have overcome the first step in the 21st century me and my cousins are going to get him on the x-box later god help us !

so i was going to write something intelligent about technology but my brain is hurting i have just gone over so studies about situation ethics and moral argument papers on abortion...i think I'm giving up for the day got my first exam on Tuesday and then my second on Friday :/ worried much ??? NO WHO ME NAHHHHHHH !!!


  1. Hey Becky! I've been wondering where you've been! Funny story about your dad. Mines actually pretty technologically inclined but he still needs help every once in a while too. Anyway good luck on your exams!

  2. thanks :) been really busy actually :) didnt have much to write about ! yh he's a preety funny man lol x i need all the luck i can get :)

    becky x