Tuesday, 18 May 2010

1st day of work

OMG !!! wow i totally undersatnd the stress of work :)

this woman came up 2 me today on my first day and started ranting about how we say on our website that we own everything, and how we didnt hav ethis stuff she wanted, i said well im sorry about that. she said well theres no good you being sorry i was thinking to myself well what do you want me to say do you want m etell you everything is going to be ok and heres a lollipop to make up for it :/

so anyway the woman went away and now i totally undersatnd how "the girl who loves to whines" fustation after reading her blog yesterday it was quite funny ! the woman said to me i dont know where to find this thing i said what is it? well its kind of like jelly but its not jelly i dont think you people call it jelly i thought what do you mean you people ??? so i thought about this girls blog oh i was laughing to myself :) she was like wll think i wanted to say to her hold on yep its coming to me yep hold on erm .... i dont know im not a fricking mind reader !!! so in the end i worked out her accent and she was american so i said to her i think you mean jam oh yh thats it!!!

so i know feel for the workers of the world !!! wished i nevr got a fricking job !!!

so like i have been really missing my boyfriend as he went away for the football and now he's back and i am going to go spend time with him i'm thinking a vodka and coke down the pub :) xxx lool :) see ya people

hows your week been ? my week hasn't been that bad except for the exam today :)

becky xxx


  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has to deal with that B.S. People really do expect you to be a mind reader. At least she didn't say "I want this thing..." It gets better though, after you learn to read minds... lol!

  2. Becky come back!! I gave you an award on my blog!!