Sunday, 2 May 2010

OK So Lets Try Again ...

After looking and exploring blogger i have been to the google cafe shop and found out it is completly usless looked at other people's blogs and have been inspired :) still writing to myself.

i am currently listening to my parents shout at eachother and be complete losers about something which i couldnt give a shit about...

i have done some study and through no fault of my own ended up on facebook and made a blog so quite a productive day me think :)

so a bit about me im very new at all of this i am an only child who is constintly listening to her parents arguing, im stressed because of study and cant wait till the summer i used to write a dairy so keeping a blog shouldn't be that hard after all isnt that what this is about its like a dairy isnt it ?

if i get a follower and if he or she read my blog regualry they will find that i can neither spell or type and they will just have to guess what i am writing :)

today hasnt been that bad considering all things counted tomorrow i am going to a bbq with all my family (like a family get together) as i am irish it should turn to guiness and turn into a family fight as per usual ...

if someone is reading this can they tell me what i should do next as i am completely baffled and no idea what to do next ???


  1. the best way to get people to view your blog, is to view others, comment and follow.

    it's like a chain reaction.

    keep writing.
    it starts off slowly for everyone :)