Sunday, 2 May 2010

where would we be with out dream :)

i had an extremly comical dream last night that i wanted to ride a motor bike ... but i didnt want to ride a motor bike unless i had a brown suede helmet :/ i have no idea do not ask but then it gets you thinking doesnt it or is it just me becuse like people say dreams have meanings ... and then i thought about my day and what i was going to do and the only think that remarkably resembled suede is the beef that i was going to cook for dinner so is that the meaning of my dream or am i just being a twat ??? HELPPPP i think im going insane lol x although you probablly already new that form my other posts :)

ok so im going to bed now and im going to dream about little pink bunnys and little sugar plum going to turn on my music on my ipod turn it on full blasts and let my chemical romance drown out the thoughts in my head :(

as perusual my mother is drinking and my father is down the pub im sitting with the only person who is remotly saine in my world liam who i love dearly and is my eternal soulmate :) <3 much love <3 x

so anyway enough of my rambling in the morning im going to have thousands of followers...yh im dreaming already...x

going to have to put some of my photos up soon maybe when i get on the pc :)

i'm doing a project at the moment its photography on the theme of work, rest and play im going along the lines of shoes as i have a passion for fashion and you cant do anything with out shoes :) slippers, to converses and footoball boots to gorgeous red devil wears prada work heel's any thoughts, ideas as wacky as they may be are extremly welcome :)

tomorrow brings new ideas, love and hope for a brighter future :) THINK POSITIVE i might even get a follower :)


  1. Hey there - just wanted to stop by and say thanks for being my first fearless follower!

    As for the photography project I think that's pretty cool. You should get some pictures of some Louis Vuitton shoes or Manolo's (Both brands I can't afford but still love to look at). Maybe once you get some pictures you can put them up on your new blog =)!

    Also wanted to say that you're not the only one with a dysfunctional family (mine's so dysfunctional in fact that I can't even write about them on my blog because it's just embarrassing).

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Commenting on your dream I would say you should look up brown suede helmet and see if it exists on google....the search for the brown suede helmet may take you on a journey....or that could be a name of a new business you create in the fashion world....sounds promising.

    if you do find a brown suede helmet, your next step is to buy the bike, you are obligated to do so. =)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the choc strawberries. They are extremely addicting.

  3. kalei thay did make me bake white chocolate and rasberry muffins so they were preety addicting too :) and nice tips thanks i will have to do that :)

    and the girl who loves to whine mmm im loving the Louis Vuitton shoes idea might have to photograoh them in the shop though as im skint lool :) your blog made me laugh so much :) very funny and its kl we were in the same boat (about the no followers :0 )